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Team Training

Youth sports are not what they used to be. Athletes are specializing at younger ages and developing skills previously required only in older kids after many years of sport. This trend puts a lot of pressure on growing bodies to keep up and stay injury free. Our team training can bridge the gap between skill training and performance by breaking down body mechanics to age appropriate levels and focusing on the athletes strength, speed, agility, power, balance, coordination and endurance as it relates to their sport. They will learn how mobility and self-care, basic nutrition, mindset and hard work translate into big gains in their development over a short period of time. More importantly they will reduce their risk of injury by focusing on common deficiencies in core strength, posterior chain weakness and limb flexibility seen in growing athletes. 

Team Training Registration

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"OPB has been off-season strength training at CrossFit Oswego for the past two seasons.  

We’ve been injury free and the result has stronger, more explosive players on the court.  

Team chemistry is at an all-time high due to the kids pushing each other off the court now too.  

We credit Joe Miranda and CrossFit Oswego with making us a better overall program.”


- Matt Borrowman, Coach Oswego High School Varsity Basketball

“CrossFit Oswego has done wonders for our program and the girls overall health on the mat! It has been a great way for our team to bond while working out. The staff holds each kid accountable, but also makes sure they are having fun!”

- Brandon McGhee, Coach Neuqua Valley High School Varsity Cheer

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