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CrossFit Oswego has allowed me to take my fitness to a level I had never thought I’d be able to reach prior to stepping foot into the box. CrossFit not only made me fit, but it also aided in my success in athletics outside of the gym. In addition to the fun and ever changing programming, the community behind CrossFit is unreal and I’ve been able to make so many great friends because of it.


CrossFit has also played a major role is my Marine Corps career. Physical preparedness is a major priority for Marines and the workouts that I perform in the gym have paid dividends when it comes to performing in events like the Marine Corps Obstacle Course, the Endurance Course, and the Combat Fitness Test.


The functional fitness that CrossFit provides helps me maintain proper body mechanics at work! {which is super important for all of the patient lifting and transferring that we do!} 


CFO is my second home away from home, the hospital is first, because I spend more hours there. I look forward to spending my days off at CFO. When life gets tough, or when my job gets stressful, I look forward to getting my work outs in and getting my mindset right!! 

"The Murph"

Make a bold statement of support this Memorial Day by participating in one of the most challenging and most rewarding workouts ever.

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9/11 Workout

Make a bold statement of support this September by participating in one of the most challenging and most rewarding workouts ever.

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