Coach Jordan Lombardi


CrossFit Level 1

I am an Oswego native, born and raised in the area. I graduated from Oswego Highschool in 2005. I did not play your typical sports…I played tennis and hockey. I was lucky enough to have our school’s strength coach and football coach as one of my tennis coaches. The perk was that he made me do the same strength training as the football players. This is was when I found out that I enjoyed moving heavy objects. I have been weight lifting ever since. I graduated college from Illinois State University in 2009.

The only “sport” I played at ISU was paintball. Yes paintball is considered a sport. We won the National Collegiate Paintball Championship in 2008 (

Once college concluded I moved back home to start a career. To stay in shape I was going to the local “globo gym”.

My brother and I would work out everyday together. We both love lifting heavy and hated running. We got very tired of the bis and tris on monday, back on tuesday, chest on wednesday, legs on thursday, etc and of course the dreaded treadmill after each lifting session. We needed change and fast. A few people left that same gym and mentioned that we might like this new(er) concept of fitness, CrossFit. They said you lift heavy things (which we were good at) and do it as fast as possible. So we went and watched regionals and signed up the next day. My first WOD was 54321. I thought death was near but at the same time felt very alive.

We soon learned that treadmills were not going to be needed. We finally found something that was not boring (constantly varied), required you to lift things (functional movements) and was very intense. I have been doing CrossFit since summer of 2012 and it will continue to grow as a part of my life.