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I grew up a very active child who loved sports of any kind. I started out playing and excelling in baseball and grew into the roll as catcher. I enjoyed the mental and physical challenge of controlling the game and being involved in every play. I had a lot of great mentors that taught me the value of putting in the work to get the results. I enjoyed baseball but early in High School my passion for basketball developed. I started out a scrawny “B team” player as a freshman, moved on to a 6th man as a Sophomore, and eventually a starter on

Varsity. I was the kid taking the charge, throwing an elbow to the big guy in the middle and crashing into the scorers table to chase down the loose ball. Not fancy, but effective and my determination eventually led to me being offered a position playing D-3 college basketball at North Central College.

Fast forward a few years (OK maybe a decade or two) mid-thirties, married to the love of my life, Gina, 2 pretty amazing kids, thriving computer networking business and playing men’s league/morning basketball 5 days a week for my “me” time and to try and stay in shape. By all accounts I was living the life I had envisioned… SUCCESS.

Enter financial instability, surprise child number three, chronic back pain. Feeling exhausted and a little overwhelmed I gave CrossFit a try on the advice of a friend. One hour in, I was hooked! After months of urging my wife to try it she finally did, she was hooked too! So we did what any average CrossFitter does, we talked about it, shared our stories with our friends and urged them to try it too. We heard so much resistance from people who couldn’t believe that CrossFit was safe and something they could do. On a trip to Las Vegas I visited CrossFit MaxEffort, a successful box owned by Zach and Lindsay Forrest. It was amazing to watch them work and care for every athlete, regardless of capability, that dropped in to WOD. I was inspired once again. This would eventually be the framework that CrossFit Oswego would be built upon. In January of 2012 our idea was born, we would invest our nest egg and open a box!

On May 8th, 2012 CrossFit Oswego was born. The goal was, and still is to create an environment where each athlete is given the attention, motivation and tools they need to achieve their goals. I have a passion for CrossFit and a passion for coaching and I want each member and visitor at CFO to feel like they learn something each time they walk through our doors whether its learning a new movement or learning a little about themselves. As my knowledge and experience level grows, so too does the scope of what I envision for myself and for CFO. There is a question in the CrossFit Open bio form that asks “Have you had a life changing experience due to CrossFit?” I can say without a doubt… YES!