Coach David Hefling


CrossFit Level 1

I started off playing soccer, baseball, and basketball, doing basically any athletic activity my parents would let me. Finally in middle school, after enough red cards and penalties in soccer, my parents allowed me to play football. I loved playing football; the comradery, competing with my friends, and the physical aspect of it. I found out real fast my sophomore year though, that the bigger, stronger and faster you are, the better you are at football. For the final three years of high school, I lived in the weight room.

I was mentored by phenomenal coaches that taught me Olympic lifting, strength, agility, and speed training. I went on to play defensive end at a D-3 college and a junior college before retiring my cleats. I didn’t stray far from the field before I was recruited by my old coaches to pick up a clip board and coach middle school football.

Ten years later, I’m working in the corporate world still missing the comradery and not able to quench my competitive appetite. While hunting for shoes that could survive leg day, a salesman assumed I was a CrossFitter and told me about CrossFit. The switch was flipped. I was in a desert and CrossFit was the water. I couldn’t believe how great the community was. Soon after, I started coaching and in that same year I married the love of my life, Lauren. Three years later we welcomed our first child John and are continuously blessed and loving life.