Coach Michele Fumagalli


Sports have been a part of my life from before I can remember. I grew up in a very competitive, sports driven family playing various sports. Soccer was the sport that stole my heart. My God given talents allowed me to play at Notre Dame, with US Youth national teams, and travel the world competing against some of the best. Toward the end of my soccer career I heard of a few old teammates trying out something called CrossFit. Not even a week after my season was over I made the scary journey to the Crossfit affiliate down the road from my house and enrolled in foundations not knowing the affect Crossfit would have on my life.

Four years later, two time regional athlete I continue to learn and challenge myself always wanting to come back for more.

A few things Crossfit has given me and I will always cherish, #1 a challenge. With the boots hung up, I found something to challenge myself everyday, mentally and physically. 2, Friendship, I have found lifelong friendships in CrossFit and love the community I am apart of and #3 confidence, in the strong female I know I am and hope to inspire others to be.

Everyone has to have a dream, no matter what your age, find out yours :-)